Art Of Lunch

Echoes to serve Lindsay lunch musing
Sunday 26th May

Blue Mountains actresses are invited to audition to play muse, nurturer, creative force and ``feminine dominant’’ Rose Lindsay in a monthly artistic theatre lunch event at Echoes Restaurant from May to October.  

The event will be part of the new Art of Lunch series to be held simultaneously at five Blue Mountains restaurants every last Sunday from May 26 and October 27, featuring a different theme, exhibition and performance at each venue.  

The works of Norman Lindsay will be showcased at Echoes Restaurant by Norman Lindsay Gallery under the theme Blue Mountains Bohemia, during which his wife and muse Rose will make a theatrical appearance in period costume to deliver a series of vignettes drawn from her memoir, Model Wife, evoking the Lindsay’s artistic bohemian lifestyle. 

Escarpment Group head chef Saran Sasikumar will dream up an exotic menu with a mysterious Magic Pudding.

After the sumptuous meal there will be a 30-minute concert with a musician, varying each month starting the season with jazz giant James Greening and concluding with classical composer/musician Me-Lee Hay.

Norman Lindsay has a lasting reputation as the Blue Mountains’ most luminary and controversial artist, although he does not overshadow his second wife Rose – his muse, model, wife and mother of their two daughters.

Rose was also an exceptional printmaker and archivist who editioned Norman’s etchings, as well as an astute business manager.

The couple’s granddaughter Helen Glad wrote: ``Rose Lindsay’s commanding personality assured she would never be overwhelmed by her husband’s genius or that of anyone else.

``A forthright individual all her life, she personified Norman's concept of the `feminine dominant’ - woman as nurturer and creative force.

``Rose was essential to his continuing and prodigious creative output. Rose stood in no one’s shadow – during her long life she made sure she was acknowledged. She survived many things, all without loss of dignity or style.’’