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Facial Therapy

Combining the finest ingredients and hands-on beautifying techniques our SOTHYS facial treatments are suitable for all skin types and conditions of sensitive, dehydrated, tired and devitalised skin.  
1 HOUR, 30MINUTES $225
Skin hydration is essential… Sothys Hydradvance professional treatment, combined with the expertise of your trained therapist, is designed to solve your skin dehydration problems.  This beautiful treatment offers a tailored solution for all skin types with intensive hydrating actives to offer an immediate and long lasting effect. This unique treatment with unique, patented ingredients activates the genes responsible for regulating skin hydration and was developed by SOTHYS Green Science technology.  SOTHYS have chosen the most innovative active ingredients to assist the skin manage its own water resources leaving your skin smooth and perfectly hydrated.
1 HOUR $195 
Your therapist will diagnose your skin and prescribe a personally designed facial therapy treatment, incorporating exfoliation and deep biological cleansing to prepare the skin for the infusion of an intensive ampoule and a specific treatment mask. Your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated, fresh and radiant.
1 HOUR $175
Spring Summer & Autumn Winter
Treatments attuned to the seasonal needs of your skin. Unique combinations for each season, always evolving, never the same. Treatments inspired by nature featuring a complex of seasonal fruit released twice a year with energising actives for the warm spring/summer months and a focus on nutrition for the cool autumn/winter months.
A Gift for you… with each Seasonal Treatment you will receive a free product to continue the benefits of the treatment at home.
30 MINUTES $75
Combining science and nature this intensive treatment uses a specific massage and active ingredients to assist in alleviating the visible signs of ageing around the eye area. Fine lines are smoothed by re-hydrating and protecting. Dark circles appear lightened and puffiness is reduced.
Client Comments

"Great place, very relaxing, perfect views."
Helen & Gregor, Glasgow, Scotland

"Fabulous. A little bit of paradise."
Susan & Collin, Sydney