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Our Products

SOTHYS was created in 1946 by Dr Hotz, a biomedical researcher who provided concentrated biological active substances in sterile glass ampoules to dermatologists as well as to aestheticians (trained beauty therapists) in Paris to target various skin conditions, bridging medical professional and professional aesthetics application.   
In 1966 Mr Bernard Mas, coming from a pharmaceutical family company in Monaco, purchased the brand Sothys from Dr Hotz on his retirement developing SOTHYS into a large family company now spanning more than 110 countries throughout the world.
SOTHYS-PARIS is a unique company, being the only professional skin care company to make serious investments in both Original Molecular Research and Applied Research employing a team of 20 qualified scientists operating out of two scientific research facilities.
The SOTHYS-PARIS philosophy is to provide professional advice and ongoing treatments and service to customers with skin concerns and is exclusive to skin care institutes and spas.  SOTHYS specialises in the treatment of sun damaged skin, prematurely ageing skin, dehydration and sensitive skin with fragile capillaries / rosacea.
SOTHYS product range is in continual evolution withmany new intensive skin care treatments are created each year ...SOTHYS results speak for themselves!
Client Comments

"Great place, very relaxing, perfect views."
Helen & Gregor, Glasgow, Scotland

"Fabulous. A little bit of paradise."
Susan & Collin, Sydney